Carrying on its operations in mining sector since 2005, FARES has decided to take part in construction chemicals sector as a result of studies concluded until last quarter of 2013.
Together with flourishing manufacturing and quality, FARES maintains its operations with a quality and solution-oriented approach in construction sector. Owning raw material reserves, FARES will place an prominent step in the path of being a brand in construction sector within a very short time.
Through this new formation, our goal is to possess one of the largest production portfolios in construction sector and to establish unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction in product range and service quality.

FARES has aimed to become a leading status in construction chemical industry with its Total Quality Management philosophy. It desires to take part among the first three construction chemicals producers of Turkey in 2015 by meeting expectations of social stakeholders in maximum extent.

Our institution is well-aware of the fact that its resources of operations are nature friendly at all times. Thus, what is our the most principal operation area is to keep under control and minimize potential effects over environment and humans arising from our operations
All required investments have been made for operating natural resources in a way which will not damage ecologic balance for a sustainable environment and we take as a basis efficient use of energy, minimizing wastes and support of recycling. Our Environmental Policy commits that it will be transparent to our customers, suppliers, employees and all related parties and it will contribute to raise an environmental awareness in related parties and Environmental Management System is to be implemented, inspected and constantly rehabilitated and sustained accordingly.